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The Balance Club: Podcast


Welcome to The Balance Club podcast, where we believe that a balanced life helps us to be healthy in all the areas that matter most. Join us for a mix of conversations about physical, mental, financial and emotional health, all served with a side of motivation and a dab of humour. 


The podcast offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for big conversations or a chance to just take a moment and chill the heck out. Check out the current series below, and stay tuned for more to come. 

Honesty Box: Hosted by Alex Beard aka @TheWifeofRiley, the Honesty Box series answers your most intimate, dark, terrifying or just plain sticky questions. Alex talks to experts who will honestly answer the kind of questions that you might Google on your phone but you'd never bring up in front of your friends. Strap in for some serious (judgement-free) truth telling and submit your question below!


Midweek Moment: Chilled-out fare from theatre practitioner and resident Texan Beth Burns, who comes to us every Wednesday with a moment to breathe and to take onboard a bit of light motivation. 


And more series coming soon!  


Here at the Balance Club we believe that wellness is a foundation to build on every day as part of a fuller, more joyous and more productive life. Come join us wherever you are in the world, available wherever you get your podcasts.


Thanks for submitting!

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