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5 Day Action Challenge


Welcome to our first Challenge! 


This week we want to help you achieve any action goals that you may be exploring for the first time, or that you’ve accomplished in the past but have fallen by the wayside recently. Or maybe you and a friend have decided to take some positive action and want a tool to help you share your achievements.

This challenge focuses on:


  1. Motivation

  2. Accountability

  3. Time Limitation

  4. Rewards


It’s a 5 day challenge with a downloadable tracker form, so the likelihood of you achieving your action goals is very high, especially as YOU are going to set the bar. We aren’t giving you a one-size-fits-all plan to follow, because only you know what you want to work on in your positive actions steps. 

We have also included a rewards column, and you can gift yourself one reward per action (so up to 3 actions, up to 3 rewards). 

Make yourself accountable by honestly filling in the form, putting it somewhere that other people in your household can see it, or by joining forces with a friend.


The actions are the goals, so we are looking for you to commit to completing at least one action a day, and - to keep achievements realistic - no more than three. The results are not the goal with this challenge (although if you complete your week it’s likely that the results may include feeling good in yourself, behaving in a slightly smug manner and enjoying a nice reward).

The aim is to take on some regular habits that you can potentially continue long term as part of your daily routine.

If you’re completing the challenge with a friend then you can make your reward something you can enjoy together (Park prosecco anyone?).


So you might want to drink 1.5 litres of water per day and each half litre takes up a row on each day; you might want to do 10 push ups a day, or run for an hour. You may want to express gratitude twice a day or get up an hour earlier than usual.

You may want to organise one aspect of your finances per day or clear at least 30 unread emails.

You might want to make one prospective job application a day, or have an orgasm every day.

Only you know what’s on your mental ‘to do’ list and what you can manage within the space of this coming week.

And remember - you can’t get your reward mid-week, only when you have finished the full 5 days!


Once you have finished the week, enjoy your reward(s) then either email us a screenshot of your completed form to or post your shot on Instagram and tag and we will send you back your very own reward from us - a 14 day deeper dive plan to continue and develop your positive habits, packed with tools, ideas, motivation and some further information on why humans do what we do, and how to keep our thinking on track.


It’s completely free to do, just click on the logo below and the challenge form will download - you can print it out or fill it in on a computer. 


Good luck and have fun!


The Balance Club x

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